There's a new Political Action Movement afoot.

It's about Love, Social Justice, Biblical Integrity, and Kingdom Building


We are the Spirit-Filled, Bible-believing Christians who DIDN'T support Donald Trump.

We're  ready to join forces, lift our voices against the HATE and RANCOR that has overtaken the political landscape, and CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.

We are finding each other...and we will impact our community for the Kingdom of God. One community at a time.





I'm Lisa Saunders. Welcome to the Isaiah 58 Project! I'm so glad that you've found your way to this movement. Make yourself at home. Poke around and find out more about this amazing new project the God has birthed for this season. And if your spirit bears witness - JOIN US! 

You can find out more about me here. Meanwhile, many blessings to you!



The Isaiah 58 Project is a Social Justice Action Movement based on the prophetic directive Isaiah 58.

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Take Action

Are you ready to join forces with other like-minded believers in  your community and show the world that LOVE DOES INDEED TRUMP HATE?

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